Hello Everyone. This post was originally scheduled to release on January 24, but for some reason it did not. So I am scheduling this, and my Day 19 on the same day. Sometimes there are bumps in the road, but I hope you enjoy the concept of When Ritual Breaks.

When Ritual Breaks

No, I am not talking about breaking my lifestyle change ritual. Weight Watchers has helped me maintain the course with that. Thanks be to God. I am talking about when life throws at you circumstances that are out of your control. As a famous T-Shirt once said Sh*t Happens, and for some reason, Sh*t is intimately tied to life as a bi-product of that life filling goodness we consume.

No this is not going to be a crappy conversation, but the influenza strain the spread through my family made it a pretty crappy week.

Both my boys were out for the week with the flue. 103.5 fevers, lack of appetite, vomiting, etc. etc. etc., my family finds itself in a place of trying to heal from whatever virus found its way into our home.

The ritual I am referring to above is the routine I developed to begin writing at 3 am before I leave for the gym to work at at 4. No, I did not miss a work out day. It was modified and much less however, as I needed to be home to help with the kids as my wife fell ill also. Sleep time was also modified on one day from 3 am to 4:15 am, so that I could gain a little extra stamina to keep through the day working with three sick family members.

The Psychology Perspective

What to do when ritual breaks?

Get back on the Merry Go Round. At times our Merry Go Round does not work for us. It can hinder us to a state of non-movement. Repetition with no aim, no direction. But invert the Merry Go Round on its side, and watch it take you to any place you wish to go.

Today’s quote is from the Buddha. I have always loved the simple, yet profound insight this man taught the ages.

He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.

~ Buddha

I quoted it today, because in writing these posts for the past few weeks, I have felt a collective aspect of the journey arise, a unifying theme that brings us present to better ourselves, our family, even those collective aspects of humanity we yearn to make better.

Weight loss is partially a journey to let go. Secondarily it is a journey to unite with a higher purpose. Whether that purpose be health, a better looking body, feeling better about oneself, whatever your purpose, link it to a higher order, and watch it manifest.

To Health, Wealth, Wellbeing, and Happiness.

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