Monday Meditations… To Harness the Energy Within!

Affirmation Today… I affirm that the energy I summon will be for the betterment of the dream I serve. Dr. Thomas Maples Monday Greetings… A Depth Psychology Perspective Hello everyone, … Continue reading Monday Meditations… To Harness the Energy Within!

Monday Meditations… Dare to Dream!

Affirmation Today… I affirm to dream big & advance confidently in its direction Dr. Thomas C. Maples A Depth Psychology Perspective The power that dreams have on our overall psychological … Continue reading Monday Meditations… Dare to Dream!

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Courage… Faith To Find New Shores!

Inspirational Quote Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. Andre Gide Courage… A Depth Psychology Perspective We must lose sight in … Continue reading Courage… Faith To Find New Shores!

Inspiration: Friendship… The True Mark of Love

Dr. Tom explores Friendship and its power to effect long lasting change in the heart in The Philosopher’s Corner.

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Inspiration: That Tiny Matter Called Self

Dr. Tom explores that Tiny Matter Called Self with a big S, not a small. We are all beings undertaking this journey called life. What direction will your life take?

Inspiration: Belief… Turning Thought into Action!

What You Feed Your Soul Equates to the Reality We Receive. Dr. Tom Explores Inspiration of Turning Thought into Action

Inspiration: Make it a Gratefully Funny Day

Dr. Tom explores the philosophy of Good Day Bad Day and how to direct your Self Potential.

Inspiration: Smile… It Brings Quality to Life

The Power of a Smile Can Change a Day… The More Days that are Changed, the more chance you have to make true change work for you.

Inspiration: Curiosity… The Gateway to Great Things

Be You. No one else can be You-er than You! Dr. Tom explores two wonderful quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Seuss.

Inspiration: The Simplicity of Greatness

Dr. Tom explores the concept of letting go. Why do we have to complicate the simple nature of life?

Day 23: My Personal Journey to Release Weight

Chiseling at the rock of our personality, we release the inner depths of the soul to find its angelic form.

Inspiration: Hope… A Work in Progress

Dr. Tom explores the paradoxes of hope: doubt and certainty, hopelessness and nourishment, absurdity and sense.